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13 January 2010 @ 05:09 pm
Fic: Rêver de quelqu'un  
Title: Rêver de quelqu'un (part1)
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Pairing: Cal/Gillian
Summary: Gillian's dreams make her consider blurring “the Line”
Spoilers: Season 2, mainly 204 Honey and 208 Secret Santa
A/N: I don’t own them or Lie To Me, this is just a bit of fun. Thanks to kyasurin_chan for the beta and xfirefly9x for telling me that I don't completely suck at writing Lie To Me fic. This is my first completed fic in this fandom so anything you think I can improve on please tell me, I like constructive criticism. Also, ENJOY!

She dreams that he doesn’t make it back for Christmas. That he’s trapped amongst rubble and paper snowflakes. She sees his face; shock, concern, confusion with just a trace of fear. That’s all she can see for the longest time, and then it flashes to Emily huddled on the stairs in his office, clinging to the box of memories he keeps there. Her words repeat over and over until they fade. ‘He’s coming back. He’ll be ok. He’s not ...’ and her breath hitches into a sob.

Gillian wakes suddenly with a gasp. The air outside the comforter is cold, she sits there for a minute and lets the sensation ground her. Her breathing is still harsh and fast and she can feel her heart pound in her chest so she squeezes the pillow, shuts her eyes tight and remembers that night. The look on his face as he entered the room and saw the tree Em spent so much time decorating, how he smelt like a mixture of snow and soap. The feel of his chest, solid against hers as he hugged her, warm breath on her neck and his stubble against her cheek as her kissed her. The sound of his voice, no longer distorted and delayed by the satellite feed.

When she opens her eyes again her breathing's steady and she feels a little more like herself. She makes her way over to the closet just in case, she thinks and picks out something colourful.


The office is in the full swing of things when she enters. She’d contemplated stopping for a slushy on the way on but thought better of it. That would be like asking him to read her. The receptionist hands her her messages and she flicks through them: a prominent businessman, 3 senators, the Mayor and The State Department.

“Is Doctor Lightman in yet?”

“Not yet Doctor Foster, do you want me to tell him to come see you when he does come in?”

“No, that’s fine Heidi.”

After returning the phone calls they’ve taken on two cheating spouse cases, they’re investigating an embezzling business partner, a senator with a news-worthy secret, the Mayor has confirmed their monthly meeting and she’s yet to determine what The State Department really want with them. She spends the rest of the day in her office going over the books. Loker and Torres are working on something in the lab and Cal doesn’t turn up. She’s not mad; there was nothing important on the books for today anyway.

She goes home where hot chocolate, a romance novel and a plate of chocolate chip cookies are waiting for her.


She dreams he doesn’t make it out of the lab. The sound of gunfire rings through the building and her knees hit the floor. Contempt morphs into peace with the slightest hint of shame. She hears Ria scream, someone pulls out a chair and sits down, she hears Ben curse then feels the air stir as he rushes past her and she just stares at the screen where Cal’s body lies lifeless. She hears a gunshot again, feels wetness roll down her face, bites down to stop the sobs and tastes the metallic tang of blood on her tongue.
She wakes, her body covered in a hot sweat. She’s still lying on her couch and the daylight is streaming through the window. She gets up and walks down the hall, past her bedroom, and opens the door to the guest room. She didn’t change the sheets after he left; it was just one night after all, so when she finds his scent on the pillow she sighs.


Today Gillian reverts back to black and walks into the office with the comfort of an orange slushy in her hand and pudding in her purse.

“Hey,” Loker greets. “I don’t know how you can stomach those this early.”

She just shrugs and heads back towards her office. She spots him through the glass of his office door. He’s on the phone and from the micro expressions he’s freely giving off she knows it’s Emily on the other end. Only Em can make him smile like that. Sometimes she gets that expression from him too and she likes those times.

A few minutes later, after the pudding cup has been consumed, he’s in her office. “Do we give Loker and Torres the cheating spouse case and keep the good one to ourselves?” She has to smile at that.

“Don’t think they could handle the embezzling partner?” His head tilts to the right, studying her face and she self consciously touches her lips.

“Nope,” with that he turns around. “You coming Foster?”

She gets up and follows.

“Oh, and by any chance did you have chocolate pudding for breakfast, luv?” Gillian wipes at her mouth and notices him trying to mask a grin.


At home she pours herself a healthy shot of Scotch and mindlessly watches television. The cases went well but tonight she’s hoping for less disturbing dreams.


She dreams that he’s the one that gets stuck in the rubble of the mall elevator. His face is quiet, covered in cuts and abrasions. She grabs his hands between both of hers, they’re still warm thank God and she can hear his heartbeat on the monitor. Emily comes but he doesn’t wake up. Zoe comes and he still isn’t awake. Loker, Torres, Reynolds and still nothing. His hands start getting colder between hers; the beeping of his heart rate slows. His hands feel like ice, there’s no beep anymore. She breaks, still clinging to his hands.

She wakes, according to the clock its 1:42am. She reaches over to turn on the lamp and sits up, drawing her knees to her chest and hugging them to her. She wrings her hands, taps her legs. She’s restless and the only thing she knows for certain will calm her is Cal.


She rings the doorbell. It’s 2.29am but Cal’s a light sleeper; it doesn’t take long for the hall light to come on and then the glow is seeping out onto the porch. Before he can open the door fully she’s flung her arms around his neck and she’s sinking into the feel of him, the smell of him.


She can feel him try and twist his head to look at her but her hold is too tight and her face is buried in his shoulder.

“Any chance I can stay in your spare room tonight?” she mumbles.

“Sure luv,” and he closes the front door.
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lunalove24: LTM/pecklunalove24 on January 13th, 2010 06:02 pm (UTC)
Nice! He must be giving her nightmares, with all his 'close-encounters'. Poor Gill.
I hope to read more LTM-fics from you in the future!
wickedground on January 13th, 2010 07:32 pm (UTC)
aw I really liked this ♥
yazizzle33: Callian - Face Touchingyazizzle33 on January 13th, 2010 10:08 pm (UTC)
Aw, this was kinda sad but beautiful and hopeful at the end. &hearts Awww!
andrea: lie to me; cal&gillian. ur more to mewickedandcruel on January 13th, 2010 11:34 pm (UTC)
Is this a multi chapter? It'd be absolutely perfect as a stand alone one shot, tbh. I really like the flow of this, very well written and since Gil is my fav I love when fanfics are from her POV. She was perfect and very angsty just like poor Gil would be. Cal makes her life a living hell mostsometimes :D
Sammi: Actress: Mariska - Smilelittle_whispers on January 13th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
I have something in mind as a follow on but I think the way I want it to turn out they could both make sense as stand alone pieces but also fit together. Does that make sense?

Anyway I'm glad you like it :)
andrea: lie to me; cal&gillian. looking glasswickedandcruel on January 13th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
Yeah it does =) I just think that this would be a perfect ending ♥ I'm sure whatever you have in mind for the next part will be great as well :)
rothwoman on January 15th, 2010 03:42 pm (UTC)
This is wonderful. Believable, easy to visualize and so well-written. Love it. Would love you to continue, but it's perfect as a stand alone. Either way, thank you!
Katkatsnthecradle on January 20th, 2010 04:17 am (UTC)
This is a very lovely story! I am always so unsure about writing stories in the present tense, but this turned out so well. I definitely look forward to reading more Lie to Me from you!! =]
logicisfailinglogicisfailing on August 19th, 2010 05:21 pm (UTC)
It says part one - I hope you're going to continue! Lovely chapter.